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Huawei Air Blower & CastleFans.co.uk is your reliable, friendly inflatable fan and air blower distribution company. We have over 20 years experience in the inflatable industry and work extensively with inflatables regularly to ensure we keep our products as modern and as user friendly as possible. We provide not only fans and air blowers but also other accessories such as on & off mats and anchor pegs. We are constantly updating our shop so if you cannot see something on our website that you're looking for, just contact us via our email address or call our office on 0151 487 3336.

We ship internationally. Delivery to UK mainland is available through our website, for international delivery costs please contact our office for a price.

We are the only UK company to provide the innovative inflate/deflate blower. Our fan will deflate your inflatable as well as inflate. This is possible through the Air Deflator module which clicks in and clicks out of your fan. For more information visit our online store. 

Huawei Air Blower UK & 
Andy J. Leisure Ltd are the sole licensed UK distributors of Huawei Air Blower products across the UK. We also ship into many countries across Europe and the rest of the world. We claim the right to the name Huawei Air Blower UK. We stock a wide range of Huawei Air Blowers and products including the following:








Huawei Deflator B

Huawei Deflator A

We aim to keep every one of these items in regular stock all year round. We are the only UK stockist of Huawei Air Blower products 

Huawei Air Blower REH-1E (1HP Air Blower Fan)  

Our 1HP blower is a compact but powerful fan which is suitable for small inflatables such as inflatable games, 10ft x 12ft's or inflatable race arches, the 1HP blower is compatible with use of our air deflators and air heater products.

Huawei Air Blower REH-1.5E (1.5HP Air Blower Fan)

Our 1.5HP blower is our most commonly used blower, perfect for a wide range of inflatables including, bouncy castles, adult bouncy castles, obstacle courses, inflatable theme parks, slides and mega slides, giant inflatable arches, slide combos, toddler play parks and much more.

Huawei Air Blower REH-2E (2HP Air Blower Fan)

Our 2HP blower packs a bit more punch than 1.5hp and is perfect for them slightly larger units such as 18ft x 18fts or extra large slides. 2HP is also a good fit for ageing castles looking to get their bounce back.

Huawei Air Blower REH-3E (3HP Air Blower Fan)

Our 3HP is an extremely powerful blower, ideal for extra large units or ageing extra large units that really need a tremendous airflow to give them the bounce they need. We have no doubt our 3HP will get your inflatable bouncing the way it should.

Huawei Air Blower RP-1000E (1000w Sealed Unit Fan)

The 1000w air pump is designed for use with sealed inflatables, such as inflatable buoys, sealed race arches, race markers, nerf bunkers, water inflatables, sea inflatables and much more.

Huawei Air Blower QW-750 (0.75HP Air Blower Fan)

Our 0.75HP is the ideal air blower for small inflatables, usually these are used for inflatable games, ball pits, race arches and generally inflatable items that do not require a lot of constant air flow to be used.

Huawei Air Heater HT-1E (Air Heater Attachment)

Our air heater attachment is designed to help push warm air around your inflatable and increase the drying times of wet inflatables, this helps reduce mould issues and keep your inflatables of a high cleaning standard in a minimal time.