What do we do?

 We supply a large variety of bouncy castle and inflatable fans and blowers to help you inflate anything of any size! Here at CastleFans, we also provide a selection of leisure equipment, accessories and spares. We have incredible prices and reliable, friendly customer service! 

What can our fans, blowers and deflators be used for? 

We provide to many different industries for all different types of inflatables. They can be inflatables which require a constant feed of air or air sealed, we have blowers & pumps for both. 

What type of inflatables require a constant feed of air?

Inflatables that require a constant feed of air are usually bouncy castles, assault courses, inflatable slides, bouncy castle slide combos, rodeo bull beds, gladiator duels, air tumble tracks and much more. However, there is are other types of inflatables that require constant air too, such as skydancers and other advertising inflatables. 

What type of inflatables DON'T require a constant feed of air? 

Inflatables that do NOT require a constant feed of air are known as air sealed inflatables. They are heat sealed so air cannot escape the inflatable. It is important to know the difference as leaving a blower, fan or pump on a sealed inflatable can result in the inflatable to burst. There are a huge variety of air sealed inflatables such as, inflatable buoys, race markers, water sports inflatables, race arches, NERF and paintball bunkers, inflatable props and blimps plus much more. 

Can we purchase bulk orders? 

Yes, we offer bulk purchases on pallet loads, most pallets can take around 24 fans, please get in touch if you are looking for a bulk order. We also offer container load, please get in touch for pricing.