Manufacturer & Reseller Info

If you are a manufacturer or seller of inflatables and leisure equipment then you may qualify for a trade account.

If you are a hirer, rental or events company then please do not apply as this is strictly for manufacturers and resellers.

What does this mean?

You will access to selected items that we offer at trade price discounts so you can offer out the same products we sell to your customers.

What will I have access too?

- Our range of blowers and deflators - We always have around 1000 blowers in stock so you will never come up short. Should we be out of stock of a particular item then it will be displayed as out of stock on your trade account products.

- Our range of Gazebos - We stock 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m all in various colours

We offer;

- Lower Pricing Rates - You will have access to lower prices in order to provide you with a margin provided they are retailed at a minimum price of our RRP (inc VAT).

- Dropshipping service - if you do not want to store them items and purchase via pallet load, you can order online and we can ship directly to your customer. Please be advised that we will NOT store ANY of your customer details or provide any marketing to them from Huawei Air Blower UK or Andy J Leisure Ltd. Your customers will strictly ONLY be shipped the goods.

- Pallet Deliveries - We can ship you a mixed pallet of items, your order will be automatically calculated onto a pallet once you have ordered more than what it would cost via parcel courier.

- VAT receipts and invoices - All orders will receive full invoice and VAT receipts for tax purposes.